About Our Family Restaurant

A Family Restaurant Was Born

The Parkway Family Restaurant was founded in 1990. Since then, Parkway has become very successful at obtaining it's goals as an American Diner style restaurant. Parkway is located only a stones throw from the belt line making it a preferred stop for a fast eat.

Large Menu

Parkway's menu is large and complete but also adaptable for it's customers wishes. With flavorful dishes for all times of the day and wide operating hours, Parkway invites diners at 6:00am and also at 9:00pm. Being in business for over 20 years, Parkway knows what you want in a family style restaurant and catered it's menu to your liking. The menu is also searchable if you are looking for something specific.

Fast Service

Parkway offers fast service and employs staff that is passionate about their work and committed to customer satisfaction.

Low Prices

Parkway also wins over the competition with some of the lowest prices in the entire Madison area. Make sure you check out the Menu and the home page daily specials for prices, we are not afraid to list them here!

Best Restaurant in Madison Wisconsin

At Parkway, we will settle for no less than to serve the best food with the fastest service and lowest price in the area! Come on in today, treat yourself to home town service and a great food!